The Store

Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley have a vision for a unique spin on a grocery store. Their vision, "The Store", will soon operate as a year-round free grocery store allowing people to shop for their basic needs.

Their clients will be given the opportunity to come to The Store for a one-year period and shop for food to supplement their income during times of crisis and as they work toward self-sufficiency. Brad shared that, "Most people don't want handouts. They want dignity and respect. Most people want to become self-sufficient.”

The Paisleys have partnered with Brad’s alma mater, Belmont University, and located The Store at 2005 12th Ave. South, next to the University’s Ministry Center. Kimberly said, “I’m so excited to see this dream come to fruition. In Nashville, there are 1 in 7 people and 1 in 5 children that have food insecurity. That means they don’t know where they are going to get their next meal. The Store will be another resource to help families and individuals going through a hard time but working toward self-sufficiency.”

"Most people don't want handouts. They want dignity and respect. Most people want to become self-sufficient."

“Our goal is to give dignity to parents,” shared Brad. “They can go to The Store and shop in a completely normal way, from choosing the food to checking out, but with no money exchanging hands. The kids can even ride a mechanical pony out in front of The Store – no charge. Kids do not need the stress of wondering how their parents are going to feed them. In Nashville, we have the power of the benevolence of the residents to support The Store.”

The estimated cost of the 4,000 square foot building is $1.5 million, and they have recently launched the “Brick Campaign” to help complete their construction funding. To find out more, visit their website at

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