Do You Have Medicare Questions?

Then we're happy to introduce you to Deborah Mohline, a/k/a "The Medicare Lady." Not only does she have the answers but she also makes house calls!

I have been an insurance broker for over 16-years who has specialized in the Senior Market. Not only do I guide people through the entire Medicare process, but I have developed an expertise at helping people navigate the ins-and-outs of all the regulations that are out there. However, the thing that I find the most fulfilling, is seeing the look on people's face as they discover that they can get the care and coverage they need by simply following a few key steps that help them avoid the many pitfalls and obstacles that are out there.

Believe me, after reading the Medicare & You handbook, I understand why people can get so frustrated when trying to find the best Medicare solution for their own individual situation and to best navigate their retirement.

One of the most common questions that I hear, was recently asked of me again as I was meeting with a soon-to-retire business executive. He said, "I am a highly educated person who has been trying to determine the best Medicare options on my own for months now. What's really frustrating is that I’m more confused than ever! Now I’m afraid that, whatever I do, I’m going to mess up my coverage. If I do make a mistake, can I fix it later?"

"Now I'm afraid that, whatever I do, I'm going to mess up my coverage. If I do make a mistake, can I fix it later?"

As I explained to him, each year seems to come with more and more options for everything – and Medicare is no exception. The good news is, almost any misstep can be fixed with professional Medicare assistance. And better yet, they can be avoided if you plan with them in advance of moving over to the Medicare system.

To find the solutions that will serve you best during your retirement, I always recommend that you speak with someone who actually specializes in Medicare and not just a person who focuses on the general insurance market. There are many nuances associated with Medicare that don’t exist in the rest of the insurance industry.

If I can help you or answer any questions, please feel free to either call me at 615-333-1032 or email me at

In the mean time, I'd be happy to share a quick overview with you (Minus much of the mumbo jumbo) that can at least help you begin the process.

Medicare Overview 101

To start off, let me say Parts A & B are called Original Medicare and that is what is on the red, white and blue paper cards. Most Seniors should have received the new cards last year that no longer have Social Security numbers on them. If you didn’t get your new one you can call me or the Medicare office (800-633-4227) to request it be sent to you.

The coverage for A & B has changed very little in the last 50+ years, other than the premium and deductibles (which increase almost every year.)

Part A (Hospital) has a deductible this year of $1364.00 when admitted, then additional charges for some things, and if you exceed 60 days. Skilled Rehab is also covered, if you meet Medicare’s guidelines, at no charge to the patient for the first 20 days. Then days 21 through 100 (if you’re still in rehab) will cost $170.50 per day.

Part B the Outpatient part of Medicare and has a base price of $135.50 per month unless you’re considered wealthy then you pay more, or if poor medicaid may pay it for you. It covers everything outside of the hospital like: doctor visits, labs, chemo, ambulance, wheel chairs, etc. This has a deductible of $183.00 then you pay 20% of all the charges and there is no maximum out of pocket, scary! In the future, I hope to discuss the different Medicare Supplements, like Parts C & D in this forum. If you can’t wait until then, feel free to call me at 615-333-1032, or email me at for a FREE Consultation. I cover all of Middle Tennessee and I'm licensed in 17 other states as well. Plus, as mentioned above, I make house calls!


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