Why Advertise?

Business Is A Competition. Shouldn't You Work With A Company That Presents You As "The Expert" And Can Help You Win Locally?
Then Team Up With Our Smart, Cost Effective, Community Marketing Platform!

High Engagement
We make sure that there is appealing content next to each ad, plus each issue includes a contest that requires readers to review each ad closely. This assures that your message in the Community Paper will always get noticed! 

Top Of Mind Awareness             

Our low price and high frequency of distribution allows your business to be foremost in the mind of the consumer.

Get More “Bang for the Buck”
Ads in the Community Paper are incredibly affordable and provide the maximum exposure and response, dollar-for-dollar.


Category Exclusivity

Your ad in the local Community Paper locks out your competition! 


Targets the Buying Audience
The Community Paper reaches people who are mobile, already spending money and can afford your product or service.


Always Available
The Community Paper is always working, 24/7/365 with no need to determine the days, sections, times or stations you need to invest in to get your ad seen! 

Market Penetration
We’re everywhere! Each edition of the  Community Paper saturates your local market through its distribution in dozens of popular locations!

Positive Messaging
In a world filled with negative news and political strife, people gravitate   towards   sources of positivity like that shared in each local issue of the   Community Paper. 


 You're “The Expert"
 In addition to your business exclusivity, each local Community Paper features an “Ask the Expert” section, where an expert answers the most commonly asked questions about their industry/product/service. So, whether through your ad, or the “Ask the Expert” section, you are always perceived as your communities trusted resource.


 It’s Active Advertising
Nobody runs over a Community Paper sitting in their driveway or automatically throws it in the recycle bin as junk mail. Customers actually pick one up, read it and take it home! 


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