About Community Paper

Our Mission

Community Paper is a publication designed to help strengthen the local community in which it is distributed, by promoting small and medium sized businesses, raising awareness for local events and supporting local non-profit organizations. Each Community Paper is locally owned and operated, so our commitment is always to the local community we serve.

What is Community Paper?

Community Paper is an entertaining publication that is delivered every 10-days to restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, hospitals, etc. — anywhere people go to eat or where they have to wait. Community Paper has the funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, games, amazing facts, and more.


Each edition of the Community Paper is customized for the local market that it serves, and contains no more than 22 advertising spaces for small to medium-sized businesses in those communities. Each advertisement is category-exclusive and is custom made for the business that placed the ad.

Community Paper was designed as an alternative to expensive traditional print advertising. Everything we include in each edition of Community Paper is fun, educational or entertaining — and sometime, all three! Best of all, there is no bad news in our publication. It is a big breath of positive fresh air to all of our readers who are tired of hearing only bad news.  Your local Community Paper provides the perfect prescription for what our communities need — something that makes all of us smile!

Each edition of the Community Paper  is locally owned and operated, and is distinctively customized for the local market that it serves,